Why are we so afraid to communicate?

A moment of self-reflection, surrounded by trees, dandelions, and wishes.

If there is one thing I could encourage everyone to do more… it would be to communicate. Communicate!!! Don’t hold back. Don’t assume and just let things be. Speak. Talk. Express. It’s amazing what is lost due to the lack of communication and honesty with one another. It’s amazing how it feels when you communicate freely and stop withholding assumptions. Clarity is liberation. The act of communicating also builds confidence. It rids of misunderstandings, and it saves…. TIME. Wasted time that is spent worrying, reacting from assumptions, changing the way you are with a person or environment, and the lack of sleep that comes from these things.

Also, I would encourage to not only communicate, but take the time to process thoughts and feelings before communicating to someone. I have been working on mastering the beauty of internal thinking for a long time. I know from habit, that it’s easy to react to what we perceive, to what we think we feel in the first moments of something… but when I started to learn how to take a step back, go inside, become objective and see the situation in its entirety, I was able to then come forward with what I truly knew as truth versus misconceived truth. It made all of the difference.

Let me make sure this is not confused with the art of processing with someone who acts like a soundboard. This is also a great way to find the internal truth… but always work to master it within yourself. You are the lone traveler here on Earth… this is YOUR experience and you are who you answer to in those moments of alone reflection… and it’s best to have a very deep connection and strength with that part of your sacred self. ❤

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