To forgive is to become lighter.

To forgive is to become lighter. You become free of the heaviness that lives deep within you. When you haven’t forgiven, you have to hold a weight, an opposing force of energy towards someone. You are not light and you are not free.

There’s a difference between forgiving someone and having distance, or not forgiving and holding distance. Holding distance creates the weight that holds you down and makes you heavier. It doesn’t free you from the pain or act of the situation. To be free is to forgive within yourself through your heart and your mind. Then release the situation when you are ready. You don’t need the other person to let go.

If you want to create a healthy distance, let the situation be and don’t engage. You can peacefully exist without knowing someone you forgive by having this kind of distance. You can heal your heart and see with the perspective far above the earth, that we are all imperfect human beings living and trying at this life. Your smiles can be made towards those who hurt you when you realize your infinite existence extends beyond anything anyone could ever do. “They” and what “they do” becomes dissolved into a compassionate little light that recognizes everything and everyone as one big organism. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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