The Purpose of Life is Simple

The Purpose of Life is Simple

After a very long and difficult year…I am finally feeling a shimmer of lightness and happiness flow in. “In,” as in the “inflow.” Inflow to outflow. From within to the outside world. A cup starting to fill up to overflow.

🌊 🌊 like oceans 🌊 🌊

I am not one to put on a poker face and pretend things are great — when they’re not. When I’m sad, I’m quiet. When I’m struggling, I go inward, or ask my closest circle of people for help as I cocoon in my cave like a hermit. This year was HARD. This year taught me who I really am and what I needed to break away from. It showed me it was time to finalize some major cycles of experiences so I could be free and liberated from those kinds of circumstances I was brought up around that negatively shaped my subconscious behaviors and thoughts. I’m having to relearn myself again, which reminds me of a Saturn Return phase… but hopefully for not as long 😉

Anyway, life is so interesting and powerful. We often wonder what the purpose to life is and yet the answer is and has always been so obvious: it is simply to be a human and to have the human experience! TO EXPERIENCE. To be and learn who we are and what we can do on this Earth 🌏, in this dimension 🌌, while we are here… because we came here to do this. Or we became to become. I am marveling at this and keeping this truth close to my perspective when I go through life’s challenges. Because we wave or ripple from it all. From all of life’s experiences. It all matters. It all counts.

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