The Accomplishment Nemesis

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

There can be accomplishments all around you… small successes that build up to something grand… and yet, there’s this moment of doubt or self-consciousness that can surround you. Do you ever feel this way?

Remember that fear is the fuel of those kinds of thoughts. It’s not the truth and fear is not bad. Fear is a teacher that we decide to name as friend or foe.

You will only fail if you don’t believe in yourself. If you give your power away. If you deny your worth and don’t go for the things you want to accomplish/experience.

Failure is an illusion of having your power and not being good enough.

The truth is: failure is your lack of power and your inaction to make new changes — until finding the one that works.

Acknowledge the fear for a moment. Understand the teaching moment. State to it that the thoughts which say failure or not good enough or whatever else… that you are doing great and that you will always prevail at any potential dead end with a new path to carve. Thank that moment.

Then celebrate all the accomplishments around you, the small successes… and then feel the grand outcome that is coming with every cell of your body as it lights up in a star-light explosion.

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