My 34th Year Of Life Showed Me These Lessons

Photo by Justin Ewert

If a person does not listen to me, does not want to see me, chooses to avoid truth with me, I was given the lesson of: the art of not explaining myself.

Therefore, if I can accept someone’s misperception of me, someone’s attempt to hurt me, to dismiss me and I can walk away without being attached or affected, then I was given the lesson of: the art of letting go.

However, if there are situations when I have to advocate for someone’s wellbeing and safety, my own, or when I have to advocate for my truth in any relationship or social setting, then I was given the lesson of: the art of fighting for my voice.

All the while, if I work really hard towards my goals and dreams ~ even during the most stressful and traumatic of times, then I was given the lessons of: the art of passionate career and the art of working hard.

Consequently, by doing these things, I was granted the opportunity to grow awareness of my own resilience and strength, never giving up on building a strong foundation and future for my child and family, cultivating more appreciation to all life and this Universe thus giving me more of the lesson of: the art of self-love, the art of self-awareness, the art of resilience and the art of abundant gratitude.

Always cocooning, always evolving, always discovering what was before and what I create after. Reconnecting to it all. Reality architecture.

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