I begin again

I begin again

potential has grown beneath the seed

underneath the shallow ends of an ocean

And I use the universe as my blanket

the stars as my eyes, my wisdom, my picnic

there is no order only freedom

particals and energies

bound by nothing

by nothingness

I like this journey and why I came

I like feeling these emotions

these emotions…

I like this. Yes. I do.

I like until I become tired and hungry

for a taste that does not exist here

a taste

A taste in which feels

instead of satisfies

hunger becomes a figment

it becomes a chore here

I like to be this way

to see what I see

I like to go through trials

satisfying the urge of rage

of frustration

becoming free from which permeates stagnancy

eastern philosophies satisfy my curiosities

with balance…

the balance of 2’s.

And 5’s…are my stars…

And 4’s are my lovers…

And a 6 is me.

Find a pattern

Find a symbol

Find, and you’ll see





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© 2023 by Kari Tribble.

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