How I Afford To Spoil Myself & How I Increased My Credit Score by 67 Points

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

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Now that I’m hitting closer to 800 as my credit score, I only have about 50ish points left to go until I am happy with the strange satisfaction of having the best credit score anyone can get. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with accomplishing this, but I am. On top of that, I am an avid self-care enthusiast (perhaps it’s the Esthetician in me) and I am all about those trips to the spa, using the BEST skincare products like this line, and buying fun makeup from brands like this!

My go-to place for facials in the Twin Cities, MN. Lili Salon and Spa. Ask for “Boe.”

HOWEVER, this can cost $$! It adds up. Did I mention I’m also a single mom? So how do I afford to do these things for myself? How can you? Let me tell you a little secret…

Ever hear of a savings account that stores your money separately from your actual bank account? One that can connect to your bank account and you know… take a little here and there and stash it away for you? One where you can set rules and goals and is working to help you achieve them? Sounds great, right? Trust me, guys. This is one of my favorite apps of all time. It’s literally changing my life.

The app I’m talking about is called, Qapital. This is a seriously intelligently designed financial app that is making huge impacts on many people’s lives. The app was created by Katherine Salisbury, George Friedman, and Erik Akterin who had one thing in mind: “changing a system that treated everybody the same. They focused on “empowering app users by putting their personal goals at the core of the product, and then supercharging their savings efforts with clever tips and tools rooted in behavioral psychology.” You can read more about them here.

How does it work? On my Instagram story this evening I laid it all out there. If you aren’t following me, you should! Come say hi! Per my story, this is how it went:

Qapital helped me achieve my goals!

I LOVE how this app helps me save my money. I often forget about it and when I come back to check on my goals and amounts saved… I am always pleasantly surprised! It feels similar to receiving Christmas presents! Especially when I reach my self-care goals and I know it’s time to make that appointment to the spa! The credit card goal feels more like this proud feeling, yet a little bitter because you know it’s debt (haha)!

There is something I have to discuss with you about using this app. I had a fear when I first started to use this app a couple of years ago… and I want to share this because I am sure some of you may feel this way too… but, I worried that this app would take out too much money and catch me off guard and cause me to be late on bills or something (even if I did set my rules low to start).

I wasn’t always secure in my finances. In fact, three years ago I was actually struggling. I was a stay at home mom who just left a relationship and had to enter the workforce at full speed. When I founded my business, Avari Beauty, my financial life started to majorly improve, but I still had some of those lingering fears. If any of you have similar fears believe me when I say that this app did NOT take out too much. I actually barely noticed it. That’s why it always feels like a happy surprise every time I go in to see how much is in there!

Now that I’ve shown you how this app has helped me save up and accomplish my goals, I want to also let you know that this app/company has expanded and now offers opportunities to invest! This is definitely something I will look into as retirement is an important thing to plan for. I also want to make sure I set my child up for success in his life, too.

Make sure you sign up and check out this app! If you do, let me know what you think and leave a comment or say hi to me via Insta! Any other ideas and tips you’d like to share with me? Leave those as well.

Thanks for reading, guys! Huge hugs and happy wishes.


*Some of the links are affiliate links. I never promote what I don’t believe in.

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