Becoming Contrasts

Becoming Contrasts

  1. As I grow in age I become exposed to more and more contrasts during this human experience. I remember declaring to myself that I would never let the gentleness fade from my eyes when I got older. I spent so much time observing the depths of people’s eyes throughout my life…noticing the hardening in between layers due to what they have seen or gone through. I remember saying to myself, “this will not be me.” There are some things we cannot control because like a book we are also written by the stories in which we live. I know that my eyes are not the same as they were when you look into an infant’s eyes, but I’m learning to embrace that and find beauty in those hardened areas I am now carrying. But still inside the center of my eyes remains this gentle ocean of sensitivity, and purity. I will never give that up or expose it to areas in which can be tainted. Nothing will ever trespass this sacred part of me which is where my son comes from. Which is where he was created inside me. In this way I understand that not only do we learn and embrace contrasts, we become them. ☯️⚪️🌌⚫️☯️

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