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Kari Tribble is a professional musician, model, writer, and abstract painter.


Early on she found a love for music and a passion for being in front of the camera. When she got a little older, she found writing as the primary mode of expression - dabbling in free form poetry and stream of consciousness. Concurrently she was singing in choir, being drawn more and more to the idea of merging her interests into musical form.


At the age of 18 she bought her first acoustic guitar and began writing songs. As is life, through merging and synchronicity, her growth as a musician led her to meet and work with other artists and photographers. This was the doorway through which she entered the modeling world.


"I am an Expressionist, at best. I have many outlets to express from and I enjoy inspiring those who enjoy the work I create." - Kari


Confinement doesn't work for solo artist Kari Tribble. She pushes conventional parameters and continually forges new perimeters with a surreal sound, a haunting voice and sends listeners on journeys through unpredictable melodies. Kari writes, records, produces and mixes her tracks. She has collaborated with UK musicians such as Jash and Luga. Her latest album, Prism, is now available through online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Napster and emusic.

"I am one of the masses whom greatly benefit from the evolution of digital technology. I am one of many who create from the comforts of my home.


In my own experience, I started out by expressing through raw material. I had an acoustic guitar by my side and pieces of paper and ink to lay out my thoughts. I have always been moved by electronic music from a very young age and had only wished I had access to create with it at that time. As time went on, I was able to learn more about electronic music and creation from programs like Ableton Live, Guitar Rig, Abysnth and Native Instruments, I feel as though coincidence played a vacation while synchronicity stepped in to eventually show me what an acoustic guitar would sound like with electronic synth's and sound effects. Thus, most of the music I create has a visit from both sides now - raw & electronic, or, nature & technology.


My promise is only to create music. I am not promising anything else but to stay true to what feels right to who I am. And if I can inspire you with the music that I create, then I have accomplished more than you know. Thank you for reading this and for being curious to learn more about my thoughts on music."